"All work and no hairspray make Jack a dull boy."

Story Time, No Napping...

A California native, Travis studied chemistry at the University of California Santa Barbara. Throughout his university experience, Travis indulged in art studio and art history classes, balancing strong formulaic thought with color theory and skills at creating visual and mental balance.

Travis has worked with the Walter Claudio Salon & Spa in Santa Barbara, California since 2005, apprenticing under the salon’s founder and AVEDA artist, Walter Claudio. Additionally, starting in 2014, Travis can be found supporting his San Francisco based team at SPOKE & WEAL as master colorist and educator. Travis has worked at multiple AVEDA Master Jams, fashion shows and is part of a salon team that participates in LA and NY Fashion Week. 

stay millett photography

stay millett photography

As an educator, Travis strives to create a comprehensive educational environment, through dynamic flow of information and an open and exciting experience. Travis is known for his creative and scientific color formulas and desire to help his clients and staff to experiment, not just with their hair, but the way they think about their hair.