"All work and no hairspray make Jack a dull boy."

Travis Jay is a SPOKE & WEAL master stylist, hair color specialist and educator. He has worked with the AVEDA community for over 15 years at New York and London Fashion Weeks, AVEDA Congresses, International AVEDA Jams and has been featured at the AVEDA Unbuttoned tour as a platform stylist and as a speaker and advocate for charitable work in social causes like AIDS LifeCycle.

Travis’s work in hair color strives to be something “supernatural,” so natural it can’t be real. His personal philosophy is that hair should be like your favorite dress or suit, tailored perfectly for you, and it should be like your favorite jeans. The easiest thing and the best thing to wear, every day. As a Haircolor purefessional for almost 10 years, Travis creates classrooms that focus on the science of color and helping others to experiment, not just with their hair but the way they think about their hair.

To support and donate to AIDS LifeCycle or to watch Travis’ AVEDA Jam talk about AIDS LifeCycle and Community, please use the following

AIDS LifeCycle Rider 2675 - 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 1029

AVEDA Talk - Stories of Perseverance